Aims & Scope

Globalizations seeks to publish the best work that contributes to constructing new meanings of globalization, brings fresh ideas to the concept, broadens its scope, and has an impact upon shaping the debates and practices of the future. The journal is dedicated to opening the widest possible space for discussion of alternatives to narrow understandings of global processes and conditions. The move from the singular to the plural is deliberate and implies skepticism of the idea that there can ever be a single theory or interpretation of globalization. Rather, the journal will seek to encourage the exploration and discussion of multiple interpretations and multiple processes that may constitute many possible globalizations, many possible alternatives. The journal will be open to all fields of knowledge, including the natural, environmental, medical and public health sciences, as well as the social sciences and the humanities. Globalizations will especially encourage multidisciplinary research and seek to publish contributions from all regions of the world. The journal uses a double-blind, peer reviewed process. Its impact factor and ranking are included in Thomson Reuters' Journals Citation Report.

Global Themes of the journal will include:

  • Political Economy: stability and change, inequality, poverty, global justice, labour, land grabs, transnational class formation
  • Environment: climate change, degradation, sustainability, regulation, alternatives
  • Public Health: pandemics and remedies, accessible and affordable care, North-South inequalities
  • Gender: exploitation, empowerment, equality
  • Human Security: conflict, peace and collective responsibilities, migration and rights
  • Culture: singularity, hybridity, multiplicity, language
  • Governance: institutions, organizations, social movements, global civil society, cities
  • Ethics: values, dialogue and praxis
  • Business: corporate social responsibility, finance, transnational corporate practice, crisis
  • Technology and Communication: internet, social media, civic journalism

Peer Review
All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two anonymous referees.


ISSN: 1474-774X

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