VOLUME 2 (2007), ISSUE 1, Contributions to Pragmatic Consequentialist Legal Theory    

¿Qué hacer para combatir eficazmente el terrorismo?

Andrés Roemer, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Andrés Roemer (2007) "¿Qué hacer para combatir eficazmente el terrorismo?", The Latin American and Caribbean Journal of Legal Studies: Vol. 2: No. 1, Article 4.

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Government officials and terrorism experts need to understand why individuals and organizations choose terrorist means to satisfy their longings. The application of rational choice and social norm theories suggest the links are indirect between personal or collective grievances and terrorism. Those who consider themselves victims may seek to alter their perceived condition by a variety of ways, ways that do not kill innocent people. That the use of terror is a choice rather than a necessity, suggests that society must neither condone nor excuse terrorism, and that government officials and terrorism experts must take into account the incentive effects of government strategies when formulating responses to terrorism.

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